I need help choosing which rose to buy

I need help choosing which rose to buy

When choosing a rose for your Haws watering can the fist thing to check is compatibility. There are a range of fitments to be considered. Please, first read Which rose fits my watering can to check rose compatibility with your watering can before proceeding.

Haws Oval Bedding Roses.

Brilliant for general watering where a wider spray pattern is needed. Oval roses are perfect for watering larger areas. In most situations, have the holes in the rose facing upward when watering. This way the water sprays out vertically and cascades down onto the soil or plants. You can, however, turn the rose around so the holes face downwards. This will give a smaller spray pattern and allows accurate watering in a smaller or confined space.  


Haws Round Potting roses.

All the Haws potting roses have a fantastic pattern and water evenly, vital in making sure seedlings and plants are watered thoroughly. Where the potting roses come into their own is in directional, focused watering and because of the spray pattern, it’s easy to confine the water to the small pots or plug trays, without spilling and wasting water over the sides! For the best control, use the rose facing downwards.

Extra Fine Spray Patterns

Perfect for watering small containers or newly sewn seeds and small, delicate seedlings that could easily be flattened by heavy water droplets.

Fine & Fine-High Flow Spray Patterns.

These roses give good control of the flow of water but don’t restrict the flow such that it takes all afternoon to tend to larger, more hardy sewing tasks. These roses are perfect for watering small seedlings once they have germinated.
In the vegetable garden, the fine bedding rose is the one to use for watering young veg plants after transplanting. Not only does this keep the soil around the roots moist, but it also helps to keep the foliage fresh while the roots are establishing.   

Maintaining your plants’ water levels through the long dry summers can not only be challenging, but time-consuming. Using a rose with a coarser spray pattern will help you complete your watering tasks efficiently whilst still being sure to protect the foliage of delicate plants.  
The heavier droplet size of the coarse roses makes them ideal for watering larger plants that need a generous amount of water in a controlled flow. The coarse roses are great not only for established plants but also for strong seedlings, newly potted plug plants and rooted cuttings.

The faster delivery of water from these roses will empty the watering can much faster than a fine rose, so ideally, use this rose on a larger can, to save time having to refill. It can be used on all established plants in the garden, greenhouse and polytunnel and on strong outdoor seedlings that won’t be dashed by the larger droplet size. 

Because the holes are large and don’t block easily, these are the perfect roses to fit when I’m using water from a water butt or using Nematodes.

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