Which rose fits my watering can

Which rose fits my watering can

Rose - From the French, arroseur.
Meaning; to sprinkle.

The myriad of watering cans and their roses can be a minefield. We hope that we can remove the mystery from our range of roses with the use of this little guide. We will debunk watering can specific terminology (that’s right we have special words for things) and take a comprehensive look at measurements to help you work out which rose you need for your watering can, whether you’re looking for a direct replacement, or something more specific.
The First thing you need to know is that our roses have special diameters. This is to help with water pressure. Water pressure is the key to creating our signature shower. So, if you’re looking for a rose for a non-Haws can, then the likelihood is, you won’t find it here. For a range of universal roses ask your local garden centre for Fine As Rain Roses. They should be able to help.

Brass Technical Roses

Our range of brass roses are used for technical applications. All our roses are attached to the spout using a tapered female ferrule. (that’s the bit that pushes onto the spout). The diameter of this ferrule, for our technical roses, starts at 15.8mm and extends to 15.3mm at its narrowest point.

The Haws oval bedding roses start at extra fine and go through to coarse.

The Haws round potting roses start at extra fine and go through to extra coarse.

The Technical Brass range is compatible with the following watering cans:

The 186-4 Professional (No longer available for purchase)

501 Slimcan (No longer available for purchase)

169 & 170-1.5 Deluxe Can (No longer available for purchase)

Plastic Roses

Our plastic roses are applicable across much of the current range, however, these also fit a wide range of historic models. Our plastic roses also have a tapered ferrule, and will fit the metal cans featured above, HOWEVER! They only fit because the plastic is slightly malleable. Brass roses will not fit plastic watering cans.

If you’re buying a new plastic rose for an older plastic, or metal watering can, then small difference in size between the new rose and the old can might cause strain to the plastic. To avoid damage, we suggest that you submerge the rose in very hot water for a few minutes prior to fitting for the first time. This will allow the rose to create a custom seal and make sure that your new rose fits perfectly. After doing this once, your rose will retain its new shape.

Our plastic rose range consists of:
Oval Plastic Bedding Roses: Extra-fine, Fine High-Flow & Coarse

 Round Plastic Potting Roses: Extra-fine, fine, coarse, extra coarse

These roses fit:

The Sutton Splash

The Selly Soak

The Cradley Cascader

660 Practican (No longer available) We only recommend using Extra Fine or Fine roses on the 660 Practican.

350 General Purpose Brass Rose

The general-purpose brass rose is used currently with The Bearwood Brook. A fantastic watering can, for use with general applications such as flower beds and borders.

The tapered ferrule on this rose starts at 22.4mm and narrows to 21.5mm. It is larger than all our other roses and for that reason will only fit the watering cans listed below.

A high flow rose with a relatively coarse hole profile this rose will likely be too coarse for seeds and seedlings, but perfect for established plants and flowers.

The general-purpose rose is used on these cans:

The Bearwood Brook 1& 2 Gal

The 801 Slimcan (No Longer Available)

The 4.5l and 8l Metal traditional Can (No Longer Available)

8.8l Metal Heritage Can. (No Longer Available)

If you have a very old, galvanised watering can that looks similar to the Warley Fall then this might also be the rose you need, however, if this is the case then please get in touch!

Indoor/ Multifunctional roses

The final three roses in our collection are:
The Langley Sprinkler - R150 rose.
The Bartley Burbler - R100 rose.
The Baby Brass - 300 Rose.

Langley Sprinkler R150 Rose.

Bartley Burbler R100 Rose

Baby Brass 300 Rose

These roses are all designed to water seeds and seedlings, they have a very gentle spray and low flow rate. Perfect for indoor use, or greenhouses.

Langley Sprinkler R150 Rose
The Langley Sprinkler Rose is only compatible with the Langley Sprinkler, a small delicate rose (easily lost). But very useful! Spares are available on the accessories page. The diameter of the ferrule on this rose is 8.4mm.

150-1 Langley Sprinkler

Bartley Burbler R100 Rose
The R100 rose we designed for use with the Barley Burbler, again, a very gentle spray rose, however, a slightly larger diameter of 9.6mm.

100-2 Bartley Burbler

300 Baby Brass Rose.
This rose is for use with our Rowley Ripple 2pt Cans. The tapered ferrule on this rose starts at 8.4mm and finishes at 7.9mm. 
 The 300 Rose DOES NOT fit the Fazeley Flow.
Remember, for the rose to fit the watering can, there must be a male ferrule attached to the spout and a female ferrule on the rose. The Fazeley Flow has a slash-cut spout, this watering can is designed specifically as a pot waterer, for house plants. Using a rose to water house plants will only make a mess of your windowsill!

165-2 Rowley Ripple.

So, there we go! A formal descent into rose madness! Hopefully, we’ve been able to answer some of your questions and introduce you to a world of Roses. Keep your eyes peeled this spring for more brass and plastic technical roses to add to your collection! If you have any questions about roses, their functions, or if you’re still not sure. Then get it in touch! We will be more than happy to help!!

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