I didn't receive a rose with my outdoor watering can

I didn't receive a rose with my outdoor watering can

Congratulations on your new outdoor watering can! We hope you're excited to bring some greenery into your life. We want to ensure that you fully enjoy every aspect of your purchase, and that includes finding the delightful surprise that comes with it - your watering can's rose.

Inside the square end of your beautifully illustrated gift box, behind the round HAWS logo lies a hidden gem – the rose that accompanies your watering can. We understand that its discreet placement might lead to some confusion, so we've prepared a step-by-step guide to help you unveil this charming addition to your gardening experience.

Steps to Discover Your Rose:

1. Inspect the Square End:

Hold your illustrated gift box with the square end facing you. This is the key to unlocking the mystery. Take a moment to appreciate the Haws Roundel.

2. Open with Care:

Gently open the square end of the box, being mindful not to tear or damage the packaging. The rose is carefully nestled in a separate fitment within this section.

3. Reveal the Rose:

As you open the compartment, you'll discover the hidden rose. It's thoughtfully placed to ensure it arrives intact and ready to add a touch of elegance to your gardening endeavors.

4. Enjoy the Surprise:

Now that you've found your rose, take a moment to appreciate this special addition to your watering can. It's not just a functional tool; it's a symbol of the joy we hope your gardening experiences will bring.

Additional Tips:

  • If you are still unable to find the rose for your outdoor watering can then please get in touch using our contact form
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