I just need help with my guarantee

I just need help with my guarantee

At Haws Watering Cans, we believe in the longevity and quality of our products. To showcase our commitment, we offer warranties on our range of watering cans, ensuring that you can enjoy hassle-free gardening experiences. In this guide, we'll walk you through the warranty details, how to claim, and the steps to keep your gardening companion thriving for years to come.

Understanding Your Warranty:

Plastic Watering Cans (3-Year Warranty):

Our plastic watering cans are guaranteed against manufacturing defects and material malfunctions for a period of three years from the date of purchase.

Indoor Metal Watering Cans & Cradley Deluxe (5-Year Warranty):

For our indoor metal watering cans, enjoy a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects and material malfunctions.

Outdoor Metal Watering Cans (10-Year Warranty):

Our outdoor metal watering cans come with an extended ten-year warranty. We trust the durability of these cans to withstand the elements.

The Warley Fall HDG (Lifetime Warranty):

The Warley Fall HDG stands as a testament to our confidence in quality. This product comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and material malfunctions. Rest assured, your gardening companion is covered for life.

How to Claim on Your Warranty:

Gather Your Documentation:

Ensure you have your proof of purchase

Contact Customer Service:

If you encounter an issue covered by the warranty, contact our Customer Service Team at general@haws.co.uk. Provide them with your purchase details, a description of the issue and detailed photographs where possible.

Follow Guidance from Customer Service: 

Our Customer Service Team will guide you through the next steps. This may include shipping the product back to us (if required), and other necessary details.

Repair Services Outside of Warranty:

We understand that sometimes things happen outside the warranty period. If your watering can needs attention, we offer repair services for a small fee. Simply return the product to us at your cost, and we'll do our best to get it back to optimal condition.

At Haws, we stand by the quality of our watering cans. Our warranties are designed to provide you with peace of mind, ensuring that your gardening experience remains enjoyable and stress-free. We're here to support you throughout the lifetime of your watering can.